Wednesday, 28 March 2007

SqueegeeLand Launches Squeegeeland rentals

SqueegeeLand the leading land trader in SL has launched Squeegeeland rentals! Now SqueegeeLand customers can get all the benefits of great land at great prices but without having to buy in what has become a volatile market.

Martin Squeegee - the owner of Squeegeeland said ""You've asked so we have responded!" said Squeegeeland owner Martin Squeegee today as he launched Squeegeeland rentals.

"We have started with a 2048m plot in pretty maplegrove but if successful will soon have more available there and in other mainland regions. Priced at just L$900 per week including an Octal Khan designed house and a spare 215 prims this offers real value for money!"

"We have just bought a mainland island - which at L$4096 will offer a great secluded place for people to live and enjoy SL"

Squeegeeland rentals will operate from the Squeegeeland office in Julia Creek

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